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We are a family owned bakery currently based out of our home in Southwest Atlanta. We believe food has the ability to bring people together, and our desire is to provide our community with access to freshly baked bread and locally sourced fruit jams.

Radical hospitality is at the center of our mission. We love sharing our creations with others and getting to see their faces as they enjoy each bite.

Our Vision

We continuously work to create meaningful partnerships with local non-profits where we can donate part of our proceeds to programs working in our communities, as well as donate any leftover baked goods.

Our Story

We are 100% Midwesterners at heart, born and raised in Ohio. We moved to Atlanta in 2011 as part of a yearlong commitment with Mission Year, an urban ministry and service program. We fell in love with the city and never left.


Josh went to school for social work and practiced in the field for 9 years. He always had a love for food and made the transition to the culinary world in 2016. Josh got his start as a professional baker at a restaurant in downtown Atlanta. He is the mastermind behind all the creations for Bake-N-Jam. Debbie is a Registered Nurse, has a love for good food and baking, and handles the operations side of the business.

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